JSkyCalc24mGS -- An Observing Aid for the MDM 2.4m Hiltner Telescope
John Thorstensen, Dartmouth College; 2010 March, updated 2016 August

A special version of JSkyCalc is available at the MDM 2.4m; this version interfaces with the telescope and guide probe in a way that many observers may find convenient and helpful.

The version is called JSkyCalc24mGS -- for "JSkyCalc 2.4-meter GuideStar".

This document tells you a little about JSkyCalc24mGS, describes how to invoke it, and warns about some odd behaviors. The program includes a lengthy help text, which is not repeated here.

In addition to the JSkyCalc features, JSkyCalc24mGS also lets you do the following:

Those are the major new capabilities. It also supplies the following niceties:


To start the program,

Quirky Behaviors: