Telescope Functionality Compromised--No Motion/Mirror Covers Failed...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 2:37 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

At beginning of night (dome closed, telescope at zenith)

mirror command sent from GUI, GUI reports that mirrors are moving but

mirrors cover did not move, instead Dec drive motor appeared to be moving

back and forth slightly, even though no Dec move was sent refresh GUI did not work nor did quitting GUI and bringing up a new one

on McGraw:  tcserver not running telescope stop and telescope start did not succeed in restarting tcserver so shutdown Hill and restarted telescope stop and telescope start did restart the tcserver bringing up and reinitializing TC GUI : some display not updating focus not homed  error message in GUI homed focus, HA, and Dec in that order GUI now updating

Tried mirror opening command from GUI, GUI says  mirror opening mirrors cover do not move opened mirrors manually using controls on side of telescope GUI still showing  mirror opening  and radio button for Mirrors yellow Tried moving telescope: move not executed and indicators turn yellow Refreshing GUI removes yellow but move never executed

Closed TCS GUI.  On McGraw:  telescope stop and telesope start tcserver briefly shows running, but within seconds stops Bringing up GUI and initializing: get error saying no connection to TCserver

Tried recycling power on TC system in computer room Same problem Tried rebooting Hill again. Same problem.  tcserver stops running on Hill a few second after restarting.  This is independent of whether one checks the status or not.


When investigated, found that the PMAC unit that controls the functions of the telescope was not clicked into it''s rail properly and seems as though the unit was not making a good ground. Once the unit was snapped back into it''s rail system a power light (green in color) came on and then we

were able to start tserver and run the telescope and dome through it''s paces. We of coarse had to home all axes and now things seem to be operating properly.  (Not to be performed by observer!!)