MaximDL Guider Failure

Monday, March 17, 2014 9:10 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

At one point Maxim DL stopped being able to identify a guide

star, even though there is a bright, isolated star in the field

of view.  When switching to the Guide Tab and trying to take

a single exposure that would capture the guide star, it would

alternately give one of four responses, in increasing order

of absurdity:

1. Guide star not found.

2. The brightest pixel is less than 32 pixels from the edge.

3. Please enter a value between 0 and 22.

4. Please enter a value.

I can see that there is not a brighter pixel near the edge,

and I can''t imagine what parameter it expects a value of.

It also would not allow the star to be selected manually.

I restarted the connection to the camera, restarted the Maxim DL

software, rebooted the guider computer, and power cycled the

camera itself, all to no avail.  Which is very worrisome in

that I can''t imagine what to do to investigate the problem

during the day, nor do I have any idea of what to try next


I rather suspect that this is some kind of user error, but I

could not identify any one of the myriad adjustable parameters

that might have been corrupted.  I''m hoping that someone has

seen this problem before and knows the obvious answer.


Problem was indeed a mis-set adjustable paramter, which ultimately limited the field over which the software was attempted to acquire and track a guide star.  See image to the right.  Values set to 512 were accidentally set to 22.  Resetting the values corrected the issue.