mdmarc2 Permissions Issues

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 10:35 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Our working directory is /data/mdmarc2/baldassare/ and the data were stored here during night.

After the observation, we tried to back-up our data making sub-directory in /data/mdmarc2/baldassare/ (e.g. /data/mdmarc2/baldassare/11_24/''

and copying fits data there. However, we cannot create the directory due to the ''Permission denied''.

EHK note: OWL writes files with the ''users'' id, whereas our id is ''obs13m'' (unless we log into mdmarc2 directly), but previously we were able to write to directories created by OWL with the ''users'' uid. Yesterday we created subdirectories to store data from different nights, but today we lack permissions. It is unclear when this changed during the night. It''s not a serious problem for us because we still have read access, but it is somewhat inconvenient.


I’m not convinced things changed overnight as I have often noticed peculiarities in permissions when running the detectors that utilize Owl for data-taking.  I’ve often encountered permissions issues when working with data files from the workstations (mdm13ws1, /data/mdmarc2) as opposed to locally on mdmarc2 (/home/data).  I’ve always just gotten around it by ssh’ing into mdmarc2 (as arc).