Dome Home

Monday, May 9, 2016 10:18 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

After observation, I pointed the telescope to the zenith and homed dome. Then, there is an error message  ERROR dome m_az not homed .

I don''t know what happened. I tried homing dome several times more but it doesn''t work. However, it is solved by homing dome with a direction LEFT not AUTO.


I tested returning the dome to the home position using both the “Dome…” button and the “Home…” button.  For both, I left the direction as “Auto”.  With the dome left-of-home and right-of-home, I experienced no issues in demanding the dome return to the home position.  Incidentally, I also experienced no issues with the dome slaving to telescope position for various slews either.

If the “ERROR dome m_az not homed” error appears, it means that the TCS no longer knows where the dome is positioned.  In this case, the error is typically cleared by clicking on the “Home…” button and choosing to home the Dome (direction=AUTO).  Looking through the session logs, it appears that the observer tried this a number of times before it finally worked.  Not sure why it would have failed so many times.  Were you trying to home using the “Home…” button or the “Dome…” button?  Regardless, there were no issues this morning with the dome so it falls under the category of if it ain’t broke, at least for the time being.