Virtual Hand Paddle Dec Motion Issues

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 2:45 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

At the end of the night the north-south buttons on the virtual paddle stopped working.  EW buttons were fine, and the gross movement in dec was good also (slew worked).  Tried restarting the GUI - didn''t help - but didn''t have time to pursue it further with dawn coming on.


This likely has to do with how the declination preload is tensioned.  Using larger motions (setting the hand paddle to 10), I see that the telescope does indeed respond to demanded movement in declination.  I think the issue being seen here stems from throttling back the preload and thusly adding a little extra gear lash.  After installing modspec, I noticed severe ‘moaning’ from the telescope when moving in declination.  Indeed the motor controller even tripped a couple times.  I lessened the preload until the moaning got a bit better.  It still moans, but I think it’s in a tolerable threshold now.  That said, I did increase the preload slightly this afternoon.  It moans a bit more but not too badly.  Moving the telescope around, I verified that the controller wouldn’t trip.  This will reduce the gear lash and hopefully make the hand paddle control slightly more responsive.