Dome Command Issues 3

Sunday, February 26, 2017 12:54 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

After closing at midnight for high humidity, I tried to open 3 hours later using ''tx slit open'', which gave

ERROR slit cantopen=rain

in the TCS Session log.  I tried stopping and starting the telescope servers,

and restarting the TCS gui, to no avail.  I''ve seen this error in a trouble report before, on 2016 April 8.  The 2.4m observers thought it could be due to ice, so they didn''t open manually.  But I doubt that''s the problem.  The humidity was 81%.  Is this just a bug in the TCS?


If the humidity sensor believes that it is too wet to open, it will try to lock the observer out.  This is, in theory, a useful feature, but in practice it has proven to be far too conservative on estimating humidity.  If the conditions truly warrant bypassing this interlock, it can be done with the following commands:

tx slit open dammit

tx dropleaf open dammit

This should only be performed if it truly is safe to open of course.