Slit Control (Remote) Failure

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 3:08 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Until ~20:50, dome and mirror cover were not opened.  Eric came to the mountain and fixed it temporarily.


Looking through the drawings, I found what appeared to be a hung port associated with slit commands (rslit) on the ethernet-serial server (V-Linx ESR904).  Consulting with Treffers, ran some tests that indicated that commands were being issued but responses were not being received.  Further tests isolated the issue to this port (port 4) on the server.  Thankfully a spare port (port 2) was available on the server.  Coding for the rslit telescope server was modified to reflect the port change and with the help of Rick Pogge, the new code was linked on the new tcs server (to be determined whether the spare server auto-updates as well).  All is now up and running again.  I have a spare server of unknown state (I’ll consult Bob Barr for any details remembered), but if it turns out to be questionable, I think a spare one is in order.

It’s unknown what killed this port.  Last time the telescope was operated was 2018Aug13.