Issues Closing the Dome

Saturday, November 2, 2019 6:17 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Trouble homing and closing the dome at the end of the night.


Dome wasn’t homed and would not home via the standard command.  Switched home “direction” to left and tried again, getting the dome to move to home position.  Tried closing the drop-leaf at that point but got “ERROR: drop-leaf slit busy”.  Tried cycling TCS GUI, telescope servers and rebooting McGraw to no avail.  Woke up Justin and had him first verify that the drop-leaf control compressor was not running open loop—it wasn’t.  Switched to local control of dome and he was able to successfully close the drop-leaf manually.  Had him then switch to REMOTE control of the dome.  Issued commands via TCS GUI (tx drop-leaf open then tx drop-leaf close) to successfully cycle the drop-leaf.  With the drop-leaf closed, issued command to close dome (tx slit close) completely without issue.  
Not sure what was going on but it now seems to be working ok.
Special thanks to Justin for leaving the comforts of slumber to run ground support on this one.