Fail to Send "Errors"

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 7:35 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Slew error and Tracking turned off when telescope move to a target in wind direction.


Something odd was certainly going on with the telescope, regardless of wind.  I’ve gone ahead and reboot McGraw, which seemed to have helped with the tracking issues.  That said, I am getting the following “error” popping up whenever I slew from point-to-point:  “Send failed for command track: Network operation timed out”.  This however appears to be a red herring, with no actual error occurring.  The telescope and dome continue to move to the desired target, tracking stays ON and the “error” disappears after the slew is completed.  Weird one—I’ll ask Starman Industries (i.e. Treffers) about it.

The "Send failed for command track:" error happens a lot, if I recall, and seems to be benign. [Thorstensen]

This may actually be an issue with how JSkyCalc interfaces to the TCS as this “error” does not happen typically when using the TCS command line to perform motions.