Echelle failure

Thursday, January 6, 2022 8:03 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

...we met a problem at midnight: the readout time was too short when the fit file was written (~1.12sec). The output image looks wrong. Most of pixels are zero. I restarted Owl software and we lost the connection to Owl, it shows: 'ERROR - Driver  PCI Device 0  failed to open ERROR - ( CArcPCI::Open() ): Failed to open device ( /dev/astropci0 ) : ( errno: 16 ) - Device or resource busy'. I tried an exposure. It shows an Error as: 'ERROR - Not connected to any controller!' Then, I followed the solution of Eric: click 'Setup' -> 'Apply'. Then it shows another Error as: 'ERROR - SetupThread error: java.lang.Exception: Not connected to any device!'

Justin rebooted the mdmarc2 and restarted Owl software. Then we tried an exposure. But the readout time is still not correct (too short, ~2 sec). Justin has tried reseating the fiber connections, rebooting mdmarc2, restarting owl, and power cycling the ccd electronics. They all didn't work.


It appears that the issue stemmed from some debris in one of the fiber connector housings.  After removal, things seem to be working again.  More extensive tests are forthcoming...