Telescope response failure

Saturday, October 7, 2023 6:38 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

I tried 'telescope stop' and 'telescope start' command a few time. However, TCS was not working.

The 2.4m observer, Rob recycled TCS power, but still TCS program was not normally working.  I could not home telescope and dome.

Rob closed dome only manually.  Telescope still pointed at East, and mirror cover is  opening.


Not sure what caused the failure but they were on the right track to resolve the issue.  If power to the TCS is cycled, all parameters (RA, Dec, focus & dome) need to be homed through the TCS GUI before operation can commence.  Note that it is CRITICAL to only home one parameter, wait for it to complete, then move on.  Homing more than one at a time will cause strange failures.  It’s also worth noting that after homing is completed, the focus will need to be returned to nominal as it zeroes out during the process.  Lastly, it is a worthwhile exercise to zero the telescope coordinates at zenith as measured by the tilt sensors as pointing will likely be off by a few minutes after homing telescope axes.
Telescope is homed, zeroed and testing OK.