Generac generator alarm

Saturday, June 24, 2023 5:47 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

I heard a high-pitched alarm sound coming from the 1.3m generator.  I looked at the control panel (door on NE side) and found the illuminated gauges blinking (and also a blinking red light, if I remember correctly).  

There is a three-position dial switch on the panel that says AUTO and OFF (and something else; run? test?). It was on AUTO. I switched it to OFF and the alarm stopped immdiately. I then turned it back to AUTO, and the alarm did not resume, so I seem to have cleared the problem, at least for now.  


2024 Update:  It appears more and more like we had a faulty solenoid in the starter system.  Since replacing the solenoid, we have not had failures with generator startup.  Fingers crossed...

This is exactly the appropriate response to the Generac generator alarm.  There are typically two failures associated with this unit: 1) Low coolant.  We have recently replaced a slightly leaky block heater assembly, some hose, clamps and performed a thorough system flush.  I suspect this was not the issue.2) I have strong suspicion that we have a dead spot on the flywheel.  If things are aligned perfectly, the starter will initially fail.  If it fails long enough, it will go into an error mode.  This problem is infrequent and an absolute nightmare to address, so it has been left along for longer than I’ve been at MDM.
The small control until for the generator, above the 3-position switch, should indicate the error mode.  Unfortunately, it goes away with a reset.