Duplicate files and Frozen Prospero

Friday, February 24, 2017 1:00 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

During run Prospero gave warning errors that files already existed

and created new files

was able to open files with no issue so did not think this was a real issue

around twilight prospero froze.  had to force close and restart

would not respond to startup command in prospero

had error messages in Caliban but did not copy them down and program closed

had CB:-SYNC in prospero window

I found a trouble report about prospero data collection failure and thought the checklist would help.

was going through the IC-to Caliban transfer disk error recovery procedure check-list

 and had error in Caliban: specified disk not synched


Headed up and found that the IC was hung, non responsive.  ctrl+alt+del to reboot.  Brought everything back up after that without issue.  Took some test frames and all looks well.

Not sure why the duplicate files thing is happening to you.  When I ran test frames yesterday, I used the file names test.nnn.fits and did not have an issue with duplicate files.  This link discusses possible fix for the issue: