Airbag Control PC Failure

Saturday, March 25, 2017 2:00 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Noticed the issue when trying to focus for the start of the night. Stars would not focus, mostly crescent/ triangle shape. Tried moving focus to extremes but did not help.   Parked the scope and started to look through trouble reports.

Went into computer room and noticed Air Bag system was showing  Error from cycle Not Ready  on several lines

there was another error message about a certain cycle when error occurred but did not write it down

At first thought it was an issue similar to Airbag Pressure Failure and tried typing h1 on air bag keyboard.  Nothing happened so then assumed it was an issue where the computer needed restart.  Restarted the computer and typed  support  into system.  Reading went to 30lbs so assumed that fixed the problem (if that was the cause at all) went back out and everything seemed fine.  I assume it was actually something with the air bags from the previous report ( Oct 13 2012) that mentioned the stars being smeared + the error messages on the computer


A reboot of the control PC was in order from the sound of it.