JSkyCalc-to-MIS Link Broken

Friday, June 2, 2017 9:47 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

When I attempted to move the guide probe to a different star in the JSkyCalc Guide Star Selector, I would click a new star on the screen, select  Move Guide Probe , and confirm  Yes  that I want to move the guide probe. No errors are reported, and the MIS reports the status of the guider movement. However, when I look at the guider screen which is constantly updating under the  Expose  tab, I don''t see any change in the field.

It''s entirely possible that this is a user error and I''m forgetting to enable an option. However, I remember successfully being able to move the guide probe yesterday when I needed a new guiding field. The fact that it didn''t work this time was puzzling, but not particularly urgent. For 5 minute

exposure times, it was perfectly reasonable to just maintain the object on the slit once in a while. But if this is an intermittent problem, I wanted to document it.


Quit xmis2 GUI and power cycle MIS box in computer room.  Restart and reinitialize GUI.