Hiltner Reboot Failure

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 12:29 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

This will serve to replace the previous trouble report submitted today.

The previous report''s complaint was that hiltner did not boot, and was stuck at either  remounting root filesystem for read-write  or setting up logical volumes . After waiting 15 minutes the first time, we power cycled hiltner, then it moved past the  remounting root filesystem  to the next stage, where it appeared stuck. We submitted the trouble report after waiting about 45 minutes from reboot.

This Update: Hiltner eventually loaded at 5:15 am. So, perhaps there is no problem and it just needs to be given a long time to boot.


Hiltner has been replaced with a new physical machine.  The only difference that may be noticed by observers is that the TCS GUI is now physically larger.  The old hiltner machine has been sent off to OSU for diagnosis.  We currently have one spare machine that could be swapped in for hiltner (or mcgraw).