Some Prospero Issues and Limit Reached

Thursday, August 31, 2017 1:10 PM

Problem(s) Encountered:

I had some difficulty with Prospero and the IC tonight. It started with

Prospero hanging after I issued it a stopmovie command. I had to close out

of Prospero and open it up again. When I did this, the Prospero Status

window became mostly blank. I tried restarting a few times, but that didn''t

fix the issue. It isn''t a large deal since You can still print whatever value you

want to see like filter or object name.

After this happened, I was using it for about an hour when the IC became

stuck on movie mode. I ended up having to the lightning shutdown

procedure with the IC. Eventually it came back online. When I started

Prospero yet again, it gave me an error about the IC not being able to

save images (sorry I forgot to save this error verbatim). I had to type

IC PONG on Calibran. This solved that issue.

Yet again I started Prospero, and it seems to be working except when I run

my script it displays  IC> WARNING: Telescope controller not responding.

However, it seems like the telescope is doing everything I want, so I''m

ignoring this error for now. Maybe it''s like the RA and Dec encoders error?

Late in the night, I hit a hard limit but the  LIMIT REACHED  error did not

display. It was easy to figure out what was wrong and the solution in the

manual fixed the problem easily.


Typed status clear in the Prospero Command Window to reacquire all information in the Propsero Status window.  This window will lose information if it is not selected to be visible on all workspaces.

“Telescope controller not responding” was resolved by issuing quit commands in the mdmtcs, caliban & isis terminals and restarting them via mdmTools (mdmTools start isis, etc.).

Never knew about the IC PONG command, interesting.

Also not sure why there was no warning issued about approaching a limit.  

Dome fugue state (reported in the run report but not trouble report was looked into when CO2 washing the mirror.  Dome is functioning as expected currently.