Peripherals Interface Failure x2

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 10:56 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

Around 1 AM the mouse disappeared on the TCS computer.  I

worked around this by VNC-ing in from mdm4ws1 (no need to use

ws2, there''s enough real estate on ws1).  The mouse was there,

but it was a little bitty square which called for a bit of

squinting.  But I could work!  I''d had some earlier problems

with the monitor etc connectivity, and Eric had suggested

this workaround; thanks to that, it only took a minute to

get the mouse back.

I tried cycling power on the Emerson box and also plugging and

unplugging the mouse from the Emerson box, but these measures

did about as much as Rainer Wolfcastle''s goggles.  ''My eyes --

ze goggles, zey do nah-thing''


A number of steps have been taken to mitigate this issue, including driver and BIOS updates.  As far as I know, as of end-of-year, this problem has not been occurring.  If it does creep up again, a workaround is to VNC to the TCS PC from mdm24ws1 (or any other computer).  IP address is on the TCS machine in the computer room and password is same as the wifi.