Prospero Readout Issue, Again

Saturday, May 4, 2019 11:11 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

For the second night in a row a 30 minute exposure has been blank near the end of the night. The exposure does not look like it saw any light for the full 30 minutes, not even cosmic rays. A restart of prospero did not immediately seem to fix the problem however moving the filter seemed to help a bit. Both nights this failure has occurred with the same filter setup when the telescope was at an hour angle of approximately -2 both times.


Reboot of the IC was performed.  "I suggest we monitor this for now without changing anything, unless the problem begins to occur more frequently.” [Mason]  Verbose version below:

Might be worth a reboot, or even a power cycle of OSMOS/IC.  You would want to quit out of Prospero.  Then on workspace 4, quit OSMOS, tcs, caliban & isis.  Then in the computer room, type quit on the Raritan.  Then do a ctrl+alt+del to reboot.  At this point, you can go out and cycle power on the head electronics (red box on south side of OSMOS).  Back in the computer room, when prompted, o for OSMOS and 4 for B4K.  Then back on mdm24ws1 workspace 4, in a terminal window type the following commands:

mdmTools start isis

mdmTools start caliban

mdmTools start tcs

In the tcs terminal, type tcinit then tcstatus.  You should see header info pop up (as well as header info refresh in the tcsbridge terminal)

mdmTools start osmos

Then start Prospero back up again.  You would also need to restart JSkyCalc after this, as well as reinitialize the connection to the guider (step 8 of restarting the TCS).

Hopefully this would help.

I can sign into the workstation and TCS PC from home, but not the IC.

Here’s more IC info if desired: