Power Issue to the Andor PC

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 10:13 AM

Problem(s) Encountered:

The outlet powering the ANDOR PC showed problems (constant high-pitched whine from any PC connected to that or adjacent outlet and the camera PC would not boot). Swapping in a different PC strongly suggested a problem with the two wall outlets we tested in the computer room. 

We ran an extension cable from one of the orange 'clean' outlets in the control room to the ANDOR PC, resulting in trouble-free operation of the Andor PC. 

No science time lost; this took place before weather conditions allowed us to open. 


A weird one.  Checked the outlets in question this morning and found them both running at 120V.  For the UOS-ported outlets, could even verify proper frequency for the AC.  Powered down the Andor PC, which was still running via an extension cord from the control room, and moved it back to it’s original supply, via the UPS unit.  Powered up no problem.I’ll chalk this up to a transient issue and keep it in the back of my mind…