Mask Use Policy Updated

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 6:20 AM

Starting on 11Apr2022, the use of face masks at MDM facilities, in accordance with NOIRLab/KPNO policy revisions, is now optional for staff and visitors who are fully vaccinated.  Proof of vaccination, by NOIRLab policy will be required for this.  If proof of vaccination is not provided to the MDM Site Manager, mask use will remain a requirement.  

While all MDM staff are fully vaccinated, as required by the University of Michigan, all parties must be comfortable with any decisions made on site regarding mask use.  In other words, if any visitors or staff feel more comfortable utilizing masks, then all involved parties will need to use masks under those specific circumstances.  Please direct any questions about this policy update to the MDM Site Manager or your local consortium representative.

It is important to stress that this policy can change at any time, depending on viral transmission levels, either locally or at any of the MDM consortium institution locations.