Duplicate Files Generated by Prospero


This document describes the procedure to perform if it is noticed that Prospero is writing duplicate file for each image taken.  This seems to occur most frequently when using the CCDS instrument.

Reset Procedure:

This procedure will be performed by mountain staff whenever there is a new observer or instrument change.  The steps below are to ensure that all buffers and memory are clear and that all system config files are free for the new instrument/program.  The procedures should be carried out at either mdm24ws1 or mdm13ws1, depending on the telescope.  

     1.      Quit Prospero.

     2.      On the workstation, look for the workspace (typically the 4th workspace) that contains 3 terminal windows--Caliban, ISIS, MDM TCS Agent.

          Type “quit” to close out Caliban.

     3.      In the computer room:

          Quit out of the IC by typing “quit” on the Raritan.

          Power down the IC PC as well as the Caliban disk enclosure.  Both can be cycled using the power switch on their fronts.

          After 30 seconds, power up Caliban, then power up the IC PC.  Go through the steps to choose your instrument on the IC, again using the Raritan.

     4.      Back on the workstation, workspace 4, reopen the Caliban terminal.

          This program is found under the Data Acquisition tab on the workstation.

          For good measure, in the MDM TCS Agent terminal, type “tcinit” <cr>, then “tcstatus” <cr>.  You should see header information displayed.

5.  Restart Prospero (again in the Data Acquisition pull down menu) and run through the standard setup procedure for collecting data.