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     MDM Observatory in the Era of COVID-19

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     COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Plan

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What’s New at MDM?

All-Sky Camera


     •MDM Live Weather Data

     •NOIRLAB Weather Page

     •Kitt Peak Clear Sky Chart

     •Kitt Peak Site Info (4m, WIYN & 2.1m weather info)

     •ARO 12m Dish Site Information

     •Kitt Peak Near-Realtime Summit Webcams

     •Kitt Peak All-Sky Camera

     •The Weather Underground

     •The Weather Channel

     •National Weather Service, Sells data

     •National Weather Service, Southwest data

     •GOES 9 (NOAA) Visible Radar

     •GOES 9 (NOAA) IR Radar

     •GOES 9 (NOAA) Water Vapor Radar

     •MDM All-Sky Camera

     •Lightning Monitoring

Planning Your Trip to the MDM Observatory

     •MDM Visitor’s Guide

     •Safety Information and Contacts

          •Kitt Peak Wildfire Awareness & Reporting

          •Kitt Peak & Tenants Contact List

          •Kitt Peak Emergency Manual

          •Mercury Band Handling and Hazards

     •Observing Preparation Form

     •Kitt Peak Night Lunch Forms

     •NOAO Application for a Motor Vehicle Operator's ID Card

     •MDM Use & Vehicle Use Fees, PayPal

         Telescope General Use Manuals

     •Hiltner 2.4m Telescope

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m Telescope

     •Lightning Shutdown Information

     •Publication Acknowledgement

     •Network Use at MDM

     •NOAO Computer Infrastructure Services

     •Directions from Tucson to Kitt Peak

Telescope Schedules

Telescope Schedules Archive

The Observatory Staff

Some Engineering Information

         Hiltner 2.4m

     •Instrument Changes

     •Mirror Wash

     •Mirror Aluminization

     •Hg-Band Procedures

         McGraw-Hill 1.3m

     •Instrument Changes

     •Mirror Wash

     •Mirror Aluminization

     •DFM Engineering

Contact Information

     •Directions from Tucson to Kitt Peak

Images Galleries

     •Astronomical Images

     •Hiltner 2.4m Telescope Facility

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m Telescope Facility

     •MDM Instrumentation

Current Forecast Weather & Webcams at MDM    

The Telescopes, Instruments & Filters

The Hiltner 2.4m Telescope

     •The 2.4m TCS User's Guide

     •The 2.4m Telescope Manual

     •The 2.4m Observer's Guide

     •Lightning Shutdown Procedures

     •JSkyCalc Special 2.4m version with Guide Star Selector

     •The Instrument Rotator

     •Latest Observing Report

     •Archive of 2.4m Observing Reports

     •Archive of 2.4m Trouble Reports

     •Searchable Trouble Report Archive

     •Publication Acknowledgement

The McGraw-Hill 1.3m Telescope

     •The 1.3m Telescope Manual

     •Lightning Shutdown Procedures

     •Quick Pre/Post-Observing Checklist


     •1.3m Pier Limit Reset

     1.3m Declination Motor Controller Reset

     •Latest Observing Report

     •Archive of 1.3m Observing Reports

     •Archive of 1.3m Trouble Reports

     •Searchable Trouble Report Archive

     •Publication Acknowledgement

Instrumentation & Filters

     •MDM Facility CCD Detectors

     •MDM 4K CCD

     •MDM R4K CCD

     •Andor CCD





     •OSMOS Primer (Miller/UM)

     •Red Grism



4" Filters






     •DES-i, z, Y

     •SDSS-u, g, r, i, z

     •Omega SDSS-u,g,r,i,z



     •HST F450W

     •HST F555W

     •HST F675W

     •HST F814W

2" Filters


     •Gunn u

     •Gunn g

     •Gunn v

     •Gunn r

     •Gunn i





     •7000Å (T1)

     •Kitt Peak R (T2)

     •Kitt Peak I (T3)

2.5" Filters

     •Lowell UBVRI

     •OSU Interference Set




















     •KPNO 4" Filter Set

     •KPNO 2" Filter Set

     •WIYN Imager Filter List

     •KOSMOS-Approved 4" Filter List

Useful General Documentation for Observing

     •Owl to Control the MDM Facility CCDs, including ModSpec & MkIII

     •Prospero to Control 4K CCDs, OSMOS, CCDS & TIFKAM

     •Prospero Quick Command List (CCDS)

     •Andor Camera for Slit-Viewing & Science

     •Auto-Guiding & Acquisitions Manual

     •CCDS Acquisition Camera Users Guide

     •2.4m Instrument Rotator

     •JSkyCalc Special 2.4m Version with Guide Star Selector

     •JSkyCalc for the 1.3m

     •MDM Workstation Information

     •The Astronomical Almanac: Bright Stars and Stellar Systems

     •Fast Target Centering with OSMOS using osctrtask

     •Centering and Focusing Owl Images

     •qccds: CCDS quick-look Spectra Extraction Tool

     •Quick-Look Spectra for ModSpec and MkIII

     •Local Pointing Check Stars

     •Observing Run Startup Procedures

     •OSMOS, CCDS, MDM4K, R4K & TIFKAM Data-Taking Startup Procedures

     •Quick Guide for CCDS on the 2.4m

     •Lamp calibration plots and data

Lightning Shutdown Information

     •Hiltner 2.4m

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m

Gotchas and Potential Solutions

     •IC-Linux Crash Recovery

     •OSMOS Troubleshooting Quicklink

     •OSMOS, Editing Filter and Slit Tables in Prospero

     •IC Image Display Scaling Issues

     •Prospero Quick-Command List

     •Prospero Writing Duplicate Files

     •Observing Run Startup Procedures

     •OSMOS, CCDS, MDM4K, R4k & TIFKAM Data-Taking Startup Procedure

     •1.3m Pier Limit Reset

     1.3m Declination Motor Controller Reset

     •Hiltner 2.4m Trouble Report Archive

     •Hiltner 2.4m Run Report Archive

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m Trouble Report Archive

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m Run Report Archive

Observing and Trouble Reports

     •Observing Report Submission Instructions

     •Trouble Report Submission Instructions

     •Submit a Nightly Observing Report

     •Latest 2.4m Observing Report

     •Archive of 2.4m Observing Reports

     •Archive of 2.4m Trouble Report Solutions

     •Latest 1.3m Observing Report

     •Archive of 1.3m Observing Reports

     •Archive of 1.3m Trouble Report Solutions

     •Submit a Trouble Report

     •Latest Trouble Report

     •Archive of Trouble Reports (without solutions or followup)

     •Hiltner 2.4m Trouble Report Database

     •McGraw-Hill 1.3m Trouble Report Database

     •OSU Archive of Observing Reports

     •OSU Archive of Trouble Reports

Observing Preparation Form

Publication Acknowledgement

Network Sense

NOAO Cybersecurity & Acceptable Use Policy

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