Gotcha’s & Potential Solutions

One thing in life is certain--there will always be new problems to confound us.  That said, there are many problems that have already been seen and already have solutions.  

This section by no means is exhaustive, but it is a good place to start if troubles occur.


Starting 2.4m TCS Control Systems Quicklist

Data are no longer showing up in working directory when running the 4K’s, CCDS or TIFKAM:

     •IC-Linux Crash Recovery [Pogge/OSU]

OSMOS Trouble Shooting Quick Link [Stoll/OSU]

OSMOS, Editing Filter and Slit Tables in Prospero

IC Image Display Scaling Issues

Prospero Quick Command List

Prospero Writing Duplicate Files

•Prospero Status Window Goes blank - either type status clear or do a new startup

Observing Run Startup Procedures

OSMOS, CCDS, 4K, R4K & TIFKAM Data-Taking Startup Procedure

1.3m Pier Limit Reset [Galayda/MDM]

1.3m Declination Motor Controller Reset [Galayda/MDM)