Observing & Trouble Reports

Follow the links below to write and submit nightly observing and trouble reports.  All observers are required to submit nightly observing reports.  It’s also a good idea to submit a trouble report whenever there are any issues, even if a solution has already been implemented.  

If you encounter any problems with the forms, please send email to Rick Pogge at Ohio State describing the problem (remember to include the time when you had troubles).

For further details, click the following links:

Observing Report Submission Instructions

Trouble Report Submission Instructions


To open a simple and searchable database containing all archived trouble report solutions, click on the following links.  While there are individual links for each telescope, it is worthwhile to search both databases in the event that you experience trouble:

Hiltner 2.4m Trouble Report Database (2024Feb16)

McGraw-Hill 1.3m Trouble Report Database (2024Feb16)

Alternatively, you may also search the archives for all observing and trouble reports starting with April of 2015.